Did that question get you to pause? To wonder about your present...and your past? Even just for one moment?

Here´s a line I read not too long ago that did the same for me: 

“You become one parent and marry the other one.”

I really fought it for a while. Mostly because it had me looking at both the past and the future from a perspective I´d never contemplated before. With deeper self reflection, though, I recognized the truth in it.

So, today, I want to ask you to think about it for a moment, too. Look back in the past and ask yourself: What of my mom or dad do I see in myself? 

Then look at the present and ask yourself: What of my mom or dad do I see in my spouse?

Contemplate your answers and try each one on for size...but only wear the one that fits. (Hint: I kept getting the same woman in a different dress.  Are you getting the same man in a different suit?)

If I could reduce the sum and substance of what my mom and dad were after in this life, I would say that dad wanted respect and mom wanted to be valued.

Working Theory:  Is it any wonder that my life work is to help people regain their self-respect and create more value in their lives?!

No time like the present!

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