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Discover how listening to your past and tuning into your internal channel of positivity will allow you to find that ONE thing that can change everything in your life and your business. 

William holt 

Coach, Mentor & Author

Is life trying to tell you something?       YES! The pains you´re experiencing within you is life urging, sometimes demanding, that you change and grow. 

Mentoring Liza Hella

The William Holt Coaching Method and William´s mentoring provided me with a comprehensive and experiential education that prepared me to launch new skills & tools into my every interaction and greatly enhance my current business by elevating my teaching skills and the ability to empower my students. The feedback  has been remarkable!"

Liza hella

Concert Pianist, Coach & Actress

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Mentoring Davinder

William is an exceptional coach and motivator. His mentoring and his methodology have allowed me to think at a whole new level as a person, employee, husband & father.

davinder h.

Mentoring Holly

William is a generous listener, a witty and interesting mentor, a highly-skilled trainer, and a wonderful contributor to the world.


Mentoring Jan Marie

William has a tremendous depth of understanding and experience. Working with him has transformed my coaching is so many helpful and insightful ways.


Mentoring Irina

William´s coaching methodology is straightforward with a seemingly inexhaustible source of easily applicable, yet immensely effective strategies!


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Meet William Holt

William Holt´s background runs the gamut from Clinical & Sports Psychology, Organizational Engineering, Emotional Intelligence, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Strategic Planning, Personality Assessment, Story-Telling for Change, Conscious Conversation, Pattern Intervention and Deep Rapport Techniques. William will train you to empower yourself and your clients to discover the answers that already exist using techniques & input on a Master Coach Level...

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