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The Holt Expert Coaching Method

Certification Program

Quick, Simple & Powerful Change

Holt Coaching Method Certification Program

Learn to combine your expert skills and experience with some dramatically effective coaching skills and begin building your Expert Coaching practice.

What, where, why, when, who and how will all be made clear. Only those who want to sincerely serve others with their next steps in their work lives need apply.

During this course you will rediscover that...

In helping others to grow and change, you yourself will be transformed.

Because the true beauty of all our professional systems, skills and tools is that they can be used personally as well. 

The Holt Coaching Method quickly allows you, an executive professional, to accelerate your productivity, deepen and enhance your communication skills, reduce stress, build instant rapport and take your creativity and innovation to levels not seen before.

Who´s William Holt?

William´s background runs the gamut from Clinical & Sports Psychology, Organizational Engineering, Emotional Intelligence, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Strategic Planning, and Personality Assessment to Story-Telling for Change, Conscious Conversation, Pattern Intervention and Deep Rapport Techniques.

William will train you to empower yourself and your clients to discover the answers that already exist within through creative and discerning experiential questions, along with techniques & input on a master coach level.

Holt Coaching Method Certification Program

What Is An Expert Coach & Consultant?

An expert coach & consultant is an executive professional who has expertise in an industry and wants to take their career to the next level. 

The Holt Coaching Method will enhance your ability to facilitate your own personal growth while also developing your ability to support others in their growth process. 

As a coach, you become your client´s "new best friend" by remaining on an equal footing and asking artful, experiential questions, that help your clients discover the answer that already exists within. 

Why Take This Certification?

  • Are you excited about learning more communication skills?
  • Do you want freedom from all your self-imposed limitations?
  • Do you want to live your life fully, savoring every moment, while helping others do the same?
  • Do you want to be part of a group of unique women who want to learn, grow and prosper?


Holt Coaching Method Certification Program

Here´s just a bit of what you will learn:

  • Current Reality Assessment
  • Deep Rapport Tools
  • How to conduct a Professional /Life Audit
  • Life-Changing Communication Skills
  • How to Accelerate the Learning Process
  • Stress Minimization on Command
  • Self-Limiting Belief Busting
  • The Art of Negotiation
  • Strategic Analysis & Perspective
  • The 4 Coaching Zones
  • The Art of Acknowledgement
  • The Manifesto of Completion

The William Holt Coaching Method may be applied to business interactions, coaching clients or used directly for personal development and comes with my heartfelt recommendation. 

I am grateful for William Holt's influence as my teacher, mentor and friend.

Johnene Horton

Gas & Oil Industry

With Authenticity and warmth, paired with wisdom and experience, William has created material that always comes in the shape of a challenge, bringing me out of my comfort zone in an inspiring and enlightening way.

I recommend the Holt Coaching Method to everyone who intends to build and grow a successful, heart-centered coaching & training business within a short time.

Irina Wendler

Career Coach

The William Holt Coaching Method provided me with a comprehensive and experiential education that prepared me to launch new skills and tools into my every interaction and greatly enhance my current business by elevating my teaching skills and the ability to empower my students. The feedback from my clients has been remarkable!

Liza Hella

Concert Pianist/Actress

The Holt Coaching Method: An Overview

Module 1: Dynamic First Sessions

Learn how to show your client the "current reality" of who and where they are when it comes to satisfying the 6 Basic Human Needs. Doing this will ensure you know what is important to them and where to start with your coaching.

Module 2: Attainment, Tale-Spinning & Retention

This module shares a 5,000 year old skill that invites you to transform yourself via the art of "Teaching Tales". Much knowledge and indirect change has been  conveyed through the stories of other people´s experiences and triumphs for millennia. 

Module 3: Personality Styles & Language

This module shows you how your life story is affected by your relationships. Discover how we tend to put ourselves in self-limiting boxes, and how to get out to these boxes quickly and effectively. 

Module 4: Rapport Laughter & Reframing

Learn how to change your perspective in real time. Discover the wisdom of enjoyment through humor and better body alignment. Living your life in joy is the secret to a long one. Learning to love & connect to ourselves allows us to do the same for others. 

Module 5: Levels of Listening

This module focuses on the art of conscious listening. Understanding the 8 different levels of listening brings awareness to our own capacity to listen deeply. It is a practice that can transform the quality of our conversations and coaching.

Module 6: The Transformational Art of Questions

This module illustrates the power of asking the right question, at the right time. When crafted with care and discernment, these questions can open new worlds within yourself and others.

Module 7: The Art of Meaningful Conversation

In this module. we pull all the previous modules together to create a blueprint for coaching success.  With the B.A.S.I.C. model of communication as your foundation, you will be able to effectively converse, negotiate, seek to understand, give feedback, and make a sale with integrity, respect &  insight.

Module 8: The Manifesto of Completion

This topic often does not get adequate attention and robs you of a great deal of psychological energy if not consciously practiced. Consciously applying the principles shared in this module will allow you to create, expand, let go and ensure your continued success.

This is for you, if you are an executive professional who...
  • Wants to be your own person in any situation
  • Wants to take your dream & ramp it up while helping others
  • Wants to serve your clients at totally new levels
  •  Is loving what you do and wants to succeed even more


This is not for you, if you...
  • Are looking for a "get rich quick" scheme
  • Only looking to accumulate knowledge without applying it
  • Are not interested in helping others
  • Are not interested in constructive feedback
  • Have a negative outlook on life

I personally have enjoyed the Holt Coaching Method and it has been a key contribution to my present success.

Thanks to William, I now have the simple yet powerful skills to coach my team.

Roxanne De-Freitas

Unilever, CEO

William has opened the doors of opportunity for me and given me direction on how to approach these. He has challenged me to think outside the box and has taught me to become more proactive and less reactive. He is very trustworthy and communicates effectively.

Troy Kuhn

Coleman Sales Director

In all instances, William demonstrated deep knowledge, professionalism, personal mastery, and insight into organizational & individual transformation. William is a generous listener, a witty and interesting trainer; a highly-skilled facilitator, and a wonderful contributor to the world.

Holly Davis

M.A., Vice President

Allow William To Serve You, So You Can Serve Others...

As a Holt Coaching Method student, you will receive revolutionary coach training, taught by a renowned master coach and trainer. The program´s expanded curriculum will help you achieve your goal in becoming an expert coach & consultant, and our continual support, powerful resources, and proven coaching tools and techniques will enable you to truly make a difference in the lives of each client you serve. 

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