William Holt, Author

William Holt is an internationally recognized expert coach, mentor, speaker, and author dedicated to helping you develop the communication skills you need to succeed in coaching and in life.

Life: The Best Coach of All

An Edutaining Guide for Change in Response to Life’s Persistent Messaging

What signs and signals is your body giving you?  An acid stomach, a headache, back pain, or something else entirely? What messages are your relationships giving you to indicate they want you to appreciate them more or that the time has come to leave one that's frustrating and past its expiration date? Which signals are your children giving you about wanting more quality time and your uninterrupted attention?  What signals are your money (or lack thereof) or your overspending habits trying to tell you? (Think: bank fees, high interest and not enough invested or saved)

This book is founded on the principle that Life is the best coach of all and that the pains you are experiencing within you is life urging, sometimes demanding, that you change and grow.   

The most repeated question in the Universe: 

“I wonder if LIfe is trying to tell me something?”

Answer - Resounding YES!

Author of the internationally recognized coaching handbook Life: The Best Coach of All, William Holt has coached, mentored, trained and certified coaches on four continents with companies like BP and Unilever.  He has been studying human behavior through many lenses and methodologies like NLP, Sports Psychology, Organizational Engineering, and Hypnosis for over forty years. He teaches with humor and insight through out-of-the-box, engaging stories.

Less Confusion,

More Connection

A simple guide to up leveling how you communicate with yourself and others

What accomplished coaches are saying...

Elaine Howard

“Thank you for writing this book... I found it so well written and I appreciated how much it added to MTL experiences I have had...Right now I am excited to use it in conversations with anyone. How did I not realize that practice opportunities are everywhere?  Thank you for being real and sharing.”

Liza Hella Smania

“William's direction is succinct, positive, pragmatic, and effective. I have implemented his approach in my teaching business as well as my everyday interactions with great success. His words will clearly guide you into empowering yourself and others. I highly recommend "Life: The Best Coach of All"...!!!”

John R. Coats

“This book is a step-by-step process that teaches the reader how to successfully access and overcome old self-limiting beliefs, and how to coach others to overcome theirs and increase their potential. Read, learn, and inwardly digest what William teaches here. You could not be in better hands.” 

Reed Howard

“I continue to be amazed by this book. Even the title is true, even though it is hard to believe. My life is directing my spiritual growth. No book is necessary, but this one will help your growth as it has mine. I am not and do not intend to become a Life Coach, but this book has already helped me make progress toward my own goals. No greater recommendation can be given to a book than this: It has helped me and I see how it can help others wherever they are on Life's path. There are truths and helpful approaches in every chapter.

The suggestions of ways to improve your communication skills work, and are alone worth far more than the cost of the book. I am amazed at what can be accomplished by simply doing the work suggested at the end of each chapter. I would expect such changes only by investing hundreds of dollars in an hour's work with one of the best Life Coaches available, at least on a par with William Holt. Even the one at the end of chapter nine, The Conquering Incompletes Questionnaire works. I hated doing it, but even it opened up a way forward for me and I trust it can do as well for you.

This book can accomplish more for you than is possible in a great coaching session, or one of the best training videos ever filmed. I am amazed. I can scarcely believe it myself. But I can feel in my body right now how much this book helped me!”

Warren Kahn

“William Holt is all about sharing a broad life experience and knowledge with all who seek to grow personally or improve their coaching skill sets. In this book, he shares from the heart a step-by-step guide to establishing a deeper connection with self, others, and life. Get it, read it, use it. It will serve you and all you touch to evolve to become your best selves.”

Ann McMaster

“I've always known that William's clients achieved their goals, quickly, and I wondered how he did it. Now I know! Thank you, William, for sharing your coaching expertise. As a coach myself, I am now implementing your model. It's also worth a second read, making sure I picked up the nuances. This is the Real Story of how Life works and how we can partner with life to become the best version of ourselves.”

Sean Roark

“I have known William Holt as a very insightful, brilliant business and personal coach, but wasn't prepared for this amazing book. Whether you are a life coach, business coach, or someone who just wants to more easily relate to business associates, friends, and family, you'll get a lot out of this book. There are concrete tools to use in every situation, and they are explained in easy-to-understand language. William has a way of making the information very relatable no matter what your life experience. He uses really interesting stories from his own life to illustrate points, which makes for a very enjoyable read. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants more insight into the human condition and our wonderful differences!”