Hi, I´m William...

I’ve been in your shoes before. Knowing I had great things to offer the world but not really clear on how I was going to get from where I was to where I wanted to be. The answer´s simpler than you think. And I´m here to show you how.

Who is William Holt? 

The Master Coach´s Mentor

William has worked with coaching clients and international executives from Chevron, Toyota, Bank of America, Bechtel, Unilever, BP and countless others for more than 25 years. He has personally trained over 240 executives to become coaches in and outside of their companies.

The Coach´s Skills & Techniques Trainer

By spending over 25 years in the "coaching and training trenches”, William has created his own coaching system; a system that works simply and powerfully for his clients. It’s a dynamic, enjoyable combination of NLP, Motivational Psychology, Organizational Engineering, Coaching, Sports Psychology and even Hypnotherapy.

A Coaching Methodology Creator

Often referred to as the "best of the best", William´s coaching company has won many awards, including the Unilever Silver Award and the Best Practices Aware for an outstanding Coaching Training Program at BP. With his methodology, you get the quick, simplified, super-effective & fun versions of all he has learned in his 25+ years of coaching.

The Holt Coaching Method

Use the world-renowned Holt Coaching System, William travels the world teaching fellow professionals how to uplevel their coaching skills and set up their own lucrative coaching business from scratch. The system is perfect for people who are more seasoned; people wanting to pursue a fun, lifestyle business that can be done either full or part-time, from anywhere, earning more in less time. 

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