Are you Looking to uplevel your coaching?

This is where you want to be!

Welcome to the Holt Coaching Method where you learn to coach yourself as your first step to coaching others to their personal & professional best. 

Whether you ultimately see yourself as a business coach, executive coach, health coach, life coach - or any one of the 100s of other kinds of coaches out there - there´s really only one true type of coach: the Personal Coach. 

After all, who shows up in life as in business?

The person. 

That´s who we coach. Otherwise, you´re simply an advisor saying: “Take my advice; I´m not using it”.

Hi, I’m William Holt, creator of the Holt Coaching Method, and, 

for more than 25 years, I´ve enjoyed coaching, training, 

mentoring, consulting, connecting, speaking, and writing. 

I´ve traveled the world, working with thousands of professionals 

in many different industries and I can tell you from experience that 

it never gets old! 

I look forward to sharing this wealth of knowledge with you as 

we create & customize our joint bespoke roadmap for you to 

become the absolute best coach you can be.  

Good news...

You´re not crazy. You´re not stupid. You´re not alone.

You´re here and you matter. 

Being “the best coach you can be” means:

  • Finding your voice
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Knowing that you matter - to yourself, to others, to the world! 
  • Taking full ownership of your life
  • Proactively putting what you learn into motion

Together, we get to the heart of what´s important to YOU; what YOU want, and what you can do to get past what´s blocking you right now. 

To do this, we use a 3-legged stool metaphor - just so we´re all on the same page! - where we: 

  • Change your past (I´ll come back to that in a minute)
  • Find your ONE big thing - that changes many things - and
  • Create your Personal Best Live Channel - or, as I like to call it, your PBLC

Let´s take a closer look at the stool and its three legs…

The stool top is basically the “seat of life” - upon which you most likely aren´t feeling very comfortable at the moment.

Then there are 3 legs…

Leg One: your PAST

If you don´t change your past, you´re doomed to repeat it.

The fact is we spend a great deal of time coming up with survival strategies based on our childhood view of the world. 

My question for you is:

What's the cost of having a 4-year-old  run (ruin) your life? 

Leg Two: Your ONE Big Thing

Finding your one big thing is all about focus. This is where we look at 7 strategic areas in your life and determine which will give you the 

biggest bang for the buck to focus on first. Your Choice: Shotgun scattershot or taking targeted aim at the bullseye?

Leg Three: your PBLC 

This is where you develop the skill of giving yourself continual injections of healthy, positive input to counteract the world´s negative messaging (reflected in our inner dialog)

So, are you comfortable on your stool?  Directed/distracted by the noise or tuned in to your true homing signal?

Are the legs relatively in accord?

If not, let´s rework it. 

Let’s figure out how you can recycle, remodel, and revitalize that stool! 

Click the button below, answer some simple questions and let’s get to work.
Mentoring Liza Hella

The William Holt Coaching Method provided me with a comprehensive and experiential education that prepared me to launch new skills and tools into my every interaction and greatly enhance my current business by elevating my teaching skills and the ability to empower my students. The feedback from my students has been remarkable!

William works from his intellect, expertise, intuition, and heart; a rare and perfect combination of traits that will empower you to become your best, while preparing you to create even more in your present business.

If you are seeking personal growth along with a solid education that will provide you with the expertise to develop your own successful coaching style, I highly recommend The Holt Method!

Liza Hella

Concert Pianist, Coach & Actress

testimonial william holt

The William Holt Coaching Method may be applied to business interactions, coaching clients or used directly for personal development and comes with my heartfelt recommendation. I am grateful for William Holt's influence as my teacher, mentor and friend.

Johnene Horton

Coach & Project Manager, Gas & Oil Industry

testimonial william holt

I closed multiple coaching clients, initiated a corporate group coaching program, and have been invited for more senior roles within my firm because of experiencing William’s Expert Coaching Certification Program. 

I transformed my limiting beliefs into empowerment. William created a combined coaching and mentoring experience with multiple opportunities for follow-up between sessions, schedule flexibility, and custom content. He did so in a way such that you are not tied to a particular philosophy or Guru’s methodology.  You will be taken more vertically than any basic coaching program, or certificate can take you from a mentoring lineage going back to Victor Frankl! I highly recommend William Holt’s coaching method for professional coaches wanting to master their basic coaching skills.

David Kirkwood

Executive Coach 

testimonial william holt

William's coaching excels over the rest. His knowledge and approach not only supported the engagement, development and execution of a strategic plan at the highest level of executive leadership, it supported my personal growth. I couldn't have done it without him.

Kevin vineyard

Executive Healthcare Coach & Leader