Clarity helps you get unstuck, so you can keep moving forward in your life. And when you have clarity, navigating your life becomes so much easier. 

I think of life as a 3-legged stool. And, if one of those legs goes missing, it won't stand very well, now will it? 

This is where the first rule to greater clarity comes in. 

Rule #1: Reinterpret your past so you can let go of the negative and reprogram your future. 

Look for those blind spots and outmoded habits that have been holding you back. Then take the insights you gain and use them to help others because you have already been through the process yourself.  

Thinking you can get by without doing your own work here will hold you back in your quest to become an expert coach and consultant; indeed, you will wind up being little more than a wounded healer trying to help others. Wounded healers are rarely able to support their clients in achieving the kind of deep, lasting transformation they are after because they have neglected to do what is necessary to overcome their own personal hurdles.

Rule #2: Be balanced in your life areas - do not strive for perfection. Instead be proactively working on this.

How can you ever hope to support your clients in finding balance in their lives if you have not found balance in yours?

Take the time to gain greater clarity about the key areas of your life (ie. health, emotion, career, financial, relationships, etc.). Look closely at each one and decide what needs to change now.  

I ́m not saying you have to be perfectly balanced in all areas of your life - still, you should be actively aware of where you are and where you want to be, and proactively taking steps in each area of your life. 

Rule #3: Continually empower yourself by giving yourself powerful, positive, healthy, enhancing messages on a daily basis.

In this negativity-addicted world, it’s so important to give yourself wonderfully empowering messages every day. 

So, how do you do that? And how do you teach your clients to do that as well - especially if you are not already doing it yourself? 

We've just talked about some of the ways you can do this: 

  • Reinterpreting your past, so that you can let go of your baggage and reprogram your future. 
  • Achieving balance in the different areas of your life through consistent effort without getting hung up on doing it perfectly. 
  • And, finally, understanding that what goes on inside of you dictates your response to what's going on around you. 

The Role of Clarity In Personal Authenticity

Getting in touch with your unique inner voice is a way of accessing your personal authenticity. What you say to yourself carries more weight, conviction and commitment than what others add to the conversation. 

When someone is not inhabiting their voice, when they are speaking from their throat and not projecting at all, they make it easy for us to believe they are whispering and may have something to hide. 

What they're trying to hide is typically their belief that they just aren't good enough. 

Being able to inhabit your voice is a great indicator of the clarity you feel about where you are and where you´re going. 

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