Ever wish you could communicate better?

There´s more to conversation than just hearing someone out and responding to what they say. Proactive listening on multiple levels is an art; an art that you can master. Let me show you how!

What people are saying...

“William's coaching methods and skills have allowed me to think at a whole new level as a person, employee, husband & father.”

Davinder H. 

“Learning to really listen has greatly enhanced my current business by elevating my coaching skills and the ability to empower my clients. The feedback has been remarkable!”

Liza Hella

Here´s what´s inside:

The levels of listening...

Everyone thinks they´re listening. You may think you´re listening fully. Chances are though, you´re really not.

Simple tips for "tuning in"...

Knowing the different levels isn´t enough. You also need to understand the "how-to" of deepening your listening. 

The key to deep listening...

Ready to evaluate and deepen your listening skills? This will help you do it - starting now! 

About the Author

William Holt

William has coached, mentored, trained and certified coaches on four continents with companies like BP and Unilever.  He has been studying human behavior through many lenses and methodologies like NLP, Sports Psychology, Organizational Engineering, and Hypnosis for over forty years. He teaches with humor and insight through out-of-the-box, engaging stories.

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