Answer these questions to determine where incompletes may have a negative power over you. As you do, make a note of your answer for each, so that you can calculate your score at the end and see what it means for you.

1.Is there anything you feel has been left unsaid or unaddressed in your primary relationships?  Yes/No

2.Are there any incompletes in your life, with regards to self-care (nourishment, exercise, me-time)? Yes/No 

3.Are there any promises you have neglected to keep with yourself or others? Yes/No 

4.Are there any incompletes with respect to your financial life? i.e. do you owe any money?  Yes/No  

5.Do you struggle with feelings of resignation, hopelessness and frustration? Do you feel like there is nothing that can help turn things around in your life? Yes/No 

6.Do you long for acknowledgement and recognition in your personal and/or professional life? Yes/No 

7.Is there a breakdown of communication with people in your life? Yes/No 

8.Are there things you have consciously been putting off for a very long time now? Yes/No 

9.Is there something you know you should do for yourself, personally, that you have not yet followed through on? Yes/No 

10.   Is there something someone else owes you that you have not made an effort to resolve? Yes/No 

11.   Are you holding any grudges that want resolving?   Yes/No 

12.  Are there projects you know you want to complete but haven't?  Yes/No 

13. Can you think of instances where you were very close to success but wound up sabotaging yourself before crossing the finish line?  Yes/No 

14.  Are there letters, emails or cards that have gone unwritten? Yes/No 

15.  Are there failures in the past with lessons unlearned that are waiting for your attention, even now? Yes/No 

16. Is resentment about someone or something holding your energy hostage? Yes/No 

17.   Are there things you regret not doing, saying or sharing? Yes/No 

18. Do you struggle with transforming the limiting beliefs you have about yourself, others and life, in general? Yes/No 

19.   Does your internal self-talk often get the better of you? Yes/No 

20.  Do you struggle with letting yourself feel gratitude on a daily basis? Yes/No 

21.   Do you struggle with low self-esteem? Yes/No 

22.    Do you struggle with loving yourself?  Yes/No 

23.   Do negative emotions tend to rule your life? Yes/No 

24.   Do you feel stressed much of the time? Yes/No 

25.  Are there things you know you could do that would make you feel happier overall - and yet, you are not doing them? Yes/No 

Once you've completed the quiz (Good for you - that's one completion under your belt!), add up your “yes” answers. 

The good news is that there is no bad nor good score.

Your “yes” answers give you a list of incompletes in your life that you can now prioritize and begin working on. Decide what steps you can take, what you can say or who you can be to move things forward.  Take at least some small action today. 

Or, you may decide that something is not worth completing and simply let it go. 

As you move towards completion in these areas, you will reclaim more and more of the real YOU! 

Your confidence and clarity will grow. You’ll feel a surge of life energy. And the power to re-create your reality will be much more yours, once again.